Enhanced decision making for the overall
patient experience...

better for the staff…
  better for the management...

The personalization of service and healthcare
to the resident - technology and data
for client care and their improved
living experience

Using proven technology to enable
the process - capture, integrate, and analyze information
across the new definition of healthcare transformation...

Consulting Services and Support

HDSI focuses on the client specific operational & business requirements of our industry. Our practice is built to deliver value with measurable results.

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Integration and Implementation

HDSI’s goal is successful implementation. To make you fully operational within budget, with reduced business risk & user anxiety. Driving value with user ‘buy in’ & business metrics.

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System and
Business Training

HDSI takes a very systemic & ‘hands on’ approach.
Effective training & support helps assure the commitment to both the business goals & the use of the platform.

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Life Cycle Support Program

HDSI Customer Service team is only a phone call away. We realize your needs are ongoing, around-the-clock, 365 days per year and our objective is to support that model.

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